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Fail Festival UK 2015


Failure is the f-word of international development. Unspoken in polite company, but a reality in our work. We’re often in market failure environments, so who are we to expect success 100% of the time?

That’s why its time for the third Fail Festival UK. Building on Fail Faire UK 2012 and Fail Fest UK 2014, we are on a mission to make failure acceptable in development discussions. There is great value in examining our mistakes and learning from failure as we go beyond the easy and the simple.

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Fail Faire UK 2012


Fail Faire UK 2012 was a real celebration of failure as a mark of innovation and risk-taking in international development. We had great speakers with fun, fast, Ignite-style presentations of their professional failures. Audience participation was not only encouraged, it was mandatory!

We are all peers and none of us is perfect. We had much laughter as we navel-gazed at where we have all gone wrong in ICT and international development.
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