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Failure is the f-word of international development. Unspoken in polite company, but a reality in our work. We are often working in failed states, in market failure environments, on some of the most intractable human issues – who are we to expect success 100% of the time?

So we must celebrate failure, and we did at Fail Festival SLUSH Impact – the crash and burn party for positive social and environmental impact initiatives.

This was the 1st Fail Festival in Finland, and part of a 5-year movement to talk honestly about failure in international development. Fail Festival SLUSH Impact was a celebration, complete with 60 roaring fans cheering on a bevy of development leaders and startup innovators giving fast, Fail-Slam lightning talks on how it all went wrong.

Fail Festival Finland was co-organized with Slush Impact and Plan International Finland and was hosted by PwC Finland on Monday, November 9th, 2015.

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