Fail Festival UK 2014

failfestuk2014550Failure is the f-word of international development. Unspoken in polite company, but a reality in our work.  That’s why it was time for Fail Festival UK 2014. We are on a mission to make failure acceptable in development discussions. There is great value in examining our mistakes and learning from failure as we go beyond the easy and the simple.

We had much laughter as we navel-gazeed at where we have all gone wrong in international development… and learn how not to star in next year’s Fail Festival.

Fail Festival UK 2014 happened in partnership with the Guardian Global Development Professionals Network and hosted at GSMA Mobile for Development on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014.

Featured Presenters

  • Nate Whitestone, Aptivate
  • Keith Sonnet, ComputerAid
  • Eleanor Harrison, Global Giving
  • Martin Dawes, Aid Author
  • Josette de Vroeg, Text to Change
  • Mansoor Ali, Practical Action
  • Jacobo Quintanilla, Internews
  • Lauren Dawes, GSMA Mobile for Development
  • Eliza Anyangwe, The Guardian
  • Wayan Vota, Kurante

Event Photos

Fail Fest UK 2014

Enjoy the Fail Fest UK 2014 photos celebrating our event.