Wayan Vota
Wayan Vota, Co-founder, Fail Festival

Organizing a Fail Festival is like any other event. You could do it yourself, and learn as you fail, or you could hire someone who has the experience and systems to make the whole process easy and simple.

Hi! I’m Wayan Vota, and I’ve failed often. I’ve even failed at Fail Festivals. That makes me uniquely qualified to help you with your Fail Festival.

Fail Festival Consulting

I offer three levels of Fail Festival consulting, which can be scaled to any event size. All three levels bring forth my years of experience organizing Fail Festivals around the world for the likes of:

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Florida Philanthropic Network
  • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
  • International Finance Corporation
  • Junior League
  • Plan Finland
  • United Methodist Communications
  • The World Bank

Platinum Support

I can work with you to take care of all aspects of the Fail Festival, from helping you develop the concept, to identifying and coaching the presenters, to personally leading the Fail Festival at your event, including sending a follow-up to everyone afterwards. This option is great if you are already stressed about a large event and just want the Fail Festival to happen perfectly. Email me to discuss your ideas.

For example, the Florida Philanthropic Network engaged me to help develop a Fail Festival for their 2014 Statewide Summit on Philanthropy, and I coached their presenters on how to tell their stories of grants gone wrong. They had five presenters for their first high-energy failure session, which is now a highlight at FPN’s annual Statewide Summits.

Gold Support

I can work with you to do everything for a great Fail Festival, including coaching you or your designate to lead the Fail Festival, so you keep ownership of the experience in the eyes of your constituency and I fade into the background during the live event. This option is perfect for medium-sized events where maintaining personal leadership with your peers is paramount. Email me to discuss your plans.

Silver Support

I can advise you on all aspects of your Fail Festival, including coaching your presenters, but leave the actual event design and facilitation up to you. This option is designed for smaller events, where you’d like support in developing the Fail Festival but want to keep the event low-key and intimate. Email me to discuss your thoughts.

Celebrating failure as a mark of leadership and innovation